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William Ehmcke, CEO, Connection Research


In January 2009, William accepted a role to develop Connection Research Services in the Sustainability and Environmental sector. The company has since established itself as one of the premier consultants on Green IT worldwide.

He has over 35 years ICT experience, with 12 years European business experience which includes managerial positions with Olivetti, based in Italy and UK, and McDonnell Douglas Corporation. Returning to Australia in 1994, he started META Group AP, (Asia Pacific) an IT consulting business, specialising in large corporate computing infrastructure. Between 2001 and 2006, William formed a property management & investment company. Returning to IT in 2005, William was involved with online data backup products, which ultimately led to the establishment of the Telstra T-Suite SaaS business services, launched in April 2009.

Since 2000, Mr Ehmcke has been a director of two public companies, including as founding director of Customers Ltd (ASX:CUS) – a web services R&D company which has evolved from payment gateways to being the largest provider of independent ATM cash machines in Australia, and the listing of Rey Resources (ASX:REY), a mineral exploration company with leases in Western Australia, Peru and Chile.

He is also a keen jazz enthusiast, and since 2007, has been a director of Eastside FM (www.eastsidefm.org), a community radio station, based in Paddington, Sydney. During the past 3 years, William has assisted with moving the station to IP-based transmission, online streaming and negotiations with ACMA over licensing requirements.

He holds a BSc in Mathematics, Adelaide University, and an MBA, International Management Development, University of Geneve, Switzerland.