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Mark Winter, Founder & CEO


Mark Winter is the Group Sales & Marketing Director for inTechnology Distribution, one of Australia’s leading and fastest growing Value Added IT Distributors (VADs).  Living on the beautiful Gold Coast after growing up on Sydney’s northern beaches and travelling extensively, Marks appreciation for the environment has grown as science has increasingly illustrated the impact humanity is having on the planet.

A devoted husband father of four, Mark is your ordinary Australian bloke and businessman who has seen an opportunity to make a real difference – not just sit back and “let someone else do it”, but to drive and invest in an initiative that he truly believes in.

A business trip to Sydney during the “Lights Off Australia” (now earth hour)campaign, and the personal impact made by Al Gore’s documentary on global warming, “An Inconvenient Truth” inspired Mark to make a commitment to reducing his own carbon footprint, and encouraging others to do the same. Three weeks later Mark received a copy of the Gartner Report which stated that “the global Information and Communications Technology industry accounts for approximately 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions – equivalent to the emissions of the aviation industry!” Mark had found his first target!

With 9 years experience and great business relationships within the IT industry, Mark called on his key strengths to develop the Computers Off Initiative. After first gaining the support of inTechnology’s Board of Directors, Mark has lobbied Government, business and investors to support him in his quest to have the initiative make a significant impact in it’s first year.

As Mark says, “It’s the simple actions that can make a big difference if we collectively commit to reducing our impact on the environment.  I shut down my PC when I go to lunch and when I leave the office.  I shut down my home PC when I’m finished using it.  It’s such a simple action but makes such a big difference”.