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Got some free time and want to develop new skills?  Why not volunteer with us – we currently have the following projects under our volunteer program:


Improve your internet research skills by helping us to develop the world’s first green IT wikipedia. If you are training for a role that will involve environmental sustainability, technology and/or research this is a great project to refine your skills and build your knowledge.

Your role: research green IT internationally and add entries to the wikipedia. The goal is to build up as much information as possible on the website about environmentally sustainable information technology.

Requirements: Any number of volunteers for as much time as you can spare – preferably a minimum 5 days which can be spread over a number of weeks anytime from October 2010 – June 2011. Work from home or uni with a computer and a broadband internet connection.

Customer Care Program

Want to learn how to manage customers? Help us with a range of areas such as developing a monthly newsletter and developing online training for our Global Ambassadors.

Your role: learn how to develop online training with technology tools such as Camtasia and PowerPoint, and how to create html newsletters and research newsletter information.

Requirements: 1 or 2 volunteers with approximately 4 hours per month available until November/December 2010. Work from home or uni with a computer and a broadband internet connection.

School Education Program

Refine your business skills by learning how to engage with the education sector. This role will research the viability of developing a school education initiative in Western Sydney. You will research if schools want to help students understand the environmental consequences of technology, and then help implement the program. This will help you develop your presentation skills and phone skills.


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