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Corporate Sponsorship

Information Technology is something we can’t live without today and we certainly won’t be living without in the future.  However as Isaac Newton once said – “to every action there is always opposed an equal reaction”.

With technology, the ‘reactions’ include greenhouse gas emissions through non-renewable energy production and use and millions of tonnes of electronic waste being dumped in landfill every year (see our Issues page for further information).

Why sponsor our foundation?

As corporate sponsors of the Foundation, you can help resolve these IT sustinability issues through:

  • Creating broad scale awareness of the issues
  • Bringing your business skills to our Volunteering or In Kind Support program
  • Balancing your portfolio of supported charities
  • Generating media interest and awareness to your involvement
  • Building a safe and secure environment for your children and their children

Types of sponsorship

Project Funding

Every year we develop a variety of programs to help us reach our goals.  These projects typically have a range of opportunities to help your organisation both gain exposure and develop an iconic association to sustainable IT. 

Funding for projects can range from a thousand dollars upwards and with each project we develop a comprehensive marketing plan to help our sponsors meet their goals. 

See our Projects section for further details on our current projects needing corporate sponsors.

In Kind Support

 Like any organisation, the Foundation has running costs and overheads to manage.  In kind support helps us direct the most cash possible to our projects and initiatives.  Support for items such as business equipment, printing and advertising are extremely valuable to our organisation.


There is so much we need to achieve that can only be done with the help of volunteers.  If your business has a workplace volunteering program, we can match your business skills with one of our projects

See our Volunteering page for further details.

How we promote you

Promotion differs depending on the project or initiative, however can include:

  • Inclusion in all media communications and opportunities for press interviews
  • Email marketing to our established database
  • Website exposure such as banners and links
  • Co-branded above and below the line advertising
  • Exhibition space in our annual Virtual Event for International Green IT Awareness Week

Want to know more?  Please contact our Partner Manager for further details.