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Become a Global Ambassador

Are you a Green IT expert ready to help change the world?

What is a Global Ambassador?

A Global Ambassador is a volunteer who helps an organization by promoting it to companies and to the general public. Promotion can be done by social media, traditional media or face-to-face meetings.

FFITS.ORG Global Ambassadors promote Green IT, as well as promoting the Foundation and our initiatives such as International Green IT Awareness Week. Ambassadors are responsible for promoting within their assigned geographies, recruiting new companies and spreading the word.

Why do you have a Global Ambassador program?

Our programs generate spontaneous acts of assistance. As such, we have witnessed some grassroots promotional efforts, which we really appreciate.

Our Global Ambassador program exists to support those grassroots efforts, as well as supporting new volunteers. We use our program to integrate everyone into a single inclusive strategy. We want to make sure we have consistent message so everybody is on the same page. We also want to be sure nobody is doing the same things or targeting the same companies. We get a lot more influence once we diversify our efforts.

What are the responsibilities of Global Ambassador?

  1. Promote Green IT initiatives, FFITS.ORG and it’s initiatives such as International Green IT Awareness Week in an assigned geographical area.
  2. Act as the key contact in your assigned geographical area. This can include answering local media requests and making corporate presentations.
  3. Collect feedback and criticism encountered, and sharing it back to us. We want to learn more about what people think, so it’s important to bring that knowledge from the terrain back to us.
  4. Advise us of any initiative you want to develop, that way we can effectively coordinate our efforts. For example, we don’t need multiple Facebook pages on Green IT Week, but if you wanted to explore a new media, or new social media forum, we’re all ears.
  5. Use our customer database to let us know which companies you have met with. It’s very important for us and other Global Ambassadors to know where you are going so the same company is not contacted multiple times for the same reasons.

What do you require to be a Global Ambassador?

Beyond doing your part to help change the world? Global Ambassadors also benefit from:

  • Representing their country and/or city in Green IT issues and solutions.
  • Recognition as a leader in their area in the Green IT space.
  • Opportunities to build new contacts and network with others interested in Green IT.
  • Access to a private forum to discuss current Green IT issues with other ambassadors.
  • Online training on being a Global Ambassador.
  • Support material to help you in their efforts
  • Recognition online in our yearly activity report.

How do I become a Global Ambassador?

The first step is to read our information pack. You can request a copy by clicking Subscribe at the bottom of this page. Tell us about your interests, your passion and your ideas, and why your want to be a Global Ambassador. Also, share with us past projects where you volunteered and helped out.

We may then also arrange a short phone interview via Skype. This is to ensure that the Global Ambassador program is the right one for you. We have other ways to volunteer, so it’s important we match your expectations, needs and expertise with our own. We want everybody to enjoy their volunteer experience.


There is no cost to join the program.