How to Cut Costs with Green IT

“The Achilles’ heel of the environmental movement is that all too often, the green option is the more expensive option. The beauty of Green IT, a collective term used to describe the myriad practices aimed at lowering the environmental impact of a company’s IT infrastructure, is that it is one of the rare instances when you don’t have to choose between the bottom line and doing right by the environment. In fact, employing Green IT practices can help businesses save thousands of dollars each year. Here are eight ways to get started…”

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Green IT eBook

greeningit_ebookcoverThe FFITS.ORG CEO, Bianca Wirth, recently contributed to an electronic book (ebook) developed through the collaboration ofGreen IT experts globally.


  • Our Tools Will Not Save Us This Time
  • Climate Change And The Low Carbon Society
  • Why Green IT Is Hard: An Economic Perspective
  • Thin Client Computing
  • Smart Grid
  • How IT Contributes To Greening The Grid
  • The Green IT Industry Ecosystem
  • Out Of The Box Ways IT Can Help To Preserve Nature And Reduce CO2
  • From KPIs To The Business Case – Return On Investment on Green IT
  • Computing Energy Efficiency: An Introduction
  • Biomimicry + Technology: A Future View
  • Greening Supply Chains – The Role Of Information Technologies

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100 Green IT Tips

button_smallWe have developed this comprehensive list of 100 Green IT Tips to help you implement more environmentally sustainable technology solutions in your home and office.

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