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FFITS News – Asia

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Fostering a culture of Excellence with IT Sustainability FFITS.Org has partnered with ECCI to educate the Philippine market on IT Sustainability Manila, Philippines – July 31, 2012:  The ECCI group, the leading process improvement solutions provider in SouthEast Asia, will be holding the first Green IT Practitioner workshop onAugust 16-17, 2012 at the New World…

BMW shows 75 mph electric scooter

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The C Evolution is the third generation of an electric scooter being developed by BMW. (Credit: BMW) In the last decade, BMW’s motorcycle division dabbled in scooters as a green solution for crowded urban centers, producing the C1 for a few years. Now BMW is showing off the final fruits of a new project, an…

Ford looses its Prius killer

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Ford’s C-Max Energi, a plug-in hybrid, will go farther than the Toyota Prius Plug-in under electric power. (Credit: Ford) Toyota has had an excellent run with the Prius, making it the most popular hybrid in the country. Now Ford will attempt to supplant the Prius’ position with the new C-Max Hybrid and C-Max Energi, dedicated…

France banks on green technology to save auto industry

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France’s minister for industrial recovery. The French government has unveiled a plan to prop up the struggling auto industry involving the production of environmentally friendly cars. Green technology is the answer to the declining fortunes of France’s auto industry, according to a new government plan to turn the sector around. The strategy for France’s carmakers…

Green Today, Gold Tomorrow: Investing in Green Technology

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The customer is always right. And that’s exactly what is driving companies toward energy-efficient, green technologies in their operations. Companies are seeing a consumer-driven effort that insists companies take a great social and environmental responsibility to conserve valuable energy. The number of companies beginning to invest in green energy, including solar paneling, green building, and…

Siemens earns €30 billion from green energy in 2011

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Portfolio in green energy technology supplies. Wind Power is part of Siemens’ Environmental Portfolio. In fiscal 2011, revenue from the Portfolio totaled about €30 billion, making Siemens one of the world’s largest suppliers of ecofriendly technologies, it said in a press statement issued August 3, 2012 in Johannesburg, South Africa and copied to ghanabusinessnews.com. Siemens…