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Could spinach be the answer to truly green solar panels?

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Researchers at Vanderbilt University say photosynthetic protein in the vegetable could increase the efficiency of solar panels We all know spinach is a wonder food, but now scientists think it can not only boost your health, but also the efficiency of your solar panels. A team of researchers at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee have found…

Green Technology Cars From Tesla To Hit Market In 2016

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Renowned automotive behemoth Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) plans to launch two more cars, amid mounting competition from other companies, like Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (ETR:BMW). According to Elon Musk, the founder, Tesla’s plans to produce a smaller crossover SUV that will rival the BMW X3 are in the pipeline. Musk also revealed that the discontinued…

Postal Service Saves Millions in Energy Costs

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Energy-Efficient Facilities, Green Roof Contribute to Savings WASHINGTON, Aug. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The U.S. Postal Service recently reported it had reduced total facility energy consumption by nearly 26 percent, or 8.6 trillion BTUs, since 2003. Robust energy measurement systems and practical steps, including actions such as the steps noted by the Go Green Forever…

Custom energy efficiency: Data Centers

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A data center has a massive demand for electricity to run all of its servers 24/7/365. A typical Data Center uses the same amount of electricity to run the servers as it does to run the air conditioning to keep those servers cool enough to function. If left to their own devices, servers would overheat…

Researchers unveil Facebook-inspired CO2 calculator

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Columbia University’s Earth Institute unveils tool that calculates thousands of footprints within minutes Researchers in the US have unveiled a ground-breaking Facebook-inspired tool that can rapidly calculate the carbon footprint of thousands of products simultaneously. Columbia University’s Earth Institute yesterday announced it had created the tool as part of a project designed to help PepsiCo…

Green IT Keeps NYSE Euronext Carbon-Neutral

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Datacenter consolidation and other power reduction strategies are backing carbon offsets and renewable energy credits. NYSE Euronext says it has retained carbon-neutral status in 2011, achieving the goal for the second consecutive year while remaining the only global exchange operator to do so. The sustainability initiative combines the retroactive purchase of renewable energy credits from…

Siemens opens up The Crystal to promote greener cities

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New £30m green building in London to host headquarters of company’s smart cities division Siemens today opened the doors of its new green building in East London that claims to host the largest exhibition and conference centre in the world dedicated to promoting smart city technologies. The glass panelled building cost £30m to develop, achieving top…

Smart meter rollout to save UK £14bn by 2030

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British Gas-backed report also finds SMEs could cut £800 off their annual energy bills by installing a smart meter Smart meters alone could save UK SMEs between four and five per cent on their energy bills, while the whole country could benefit to the tune of £14bn after the costs of a national rollout are…

SEFA approves first grant for conceptualization of green tech financial facility

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African countries are embracing the “green growth” development paradigm to address their economic, environmental and social challenges TUNIS, Tunisia, August 26, 2012/ — The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA), a joint initiative of the Danish government and the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department (ONEC) of the African Development Bank (AfDB), approved on August…