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The Key Issues

The problems associated with technology


Every modern information based technology runs on electricity.  Electricity use that is based on non-renewable sources such as coal fired plants, creates greenhouse gas emissions. 

Greenhouse gas emissions increase global warming and result in issues such as rising sea levels.

For the individual, modifying your computers’ power management settings and turning your PC off when it isn’t in use can save both money and the environment. Switching to renewable energy sources are another great way to avoid greenhouse gas emissions associated with technology.


Every year millions and millions of computers and electronics are thrown into landfill.  For example, in Australia in 2008 over 16 million TVs and computers were thrown into landfill.

Within computers and electronics are toxins and contaminants such as lead.

They also contain precious non-renewable metals such as gold, silver and copper, which could otherwise be recycled.


You might not think water is a problem for technology however water is used in vast amounts to cool large data centres.

Data Centres are simply buildings specially built to host servers and computers.  These server and computers might run your corporate network, or even your Hotmail and Google email accounts.

Fresh water is a valuable resource – more valuable than oil in many countries around the world.

But technology helps us too...