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Tesco illuminates energy savings with first fully LED store

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Retail giant expects to cut energy consumption by up to 30 per cent and may roll out technology to its 2,700 stores

Tesco will this week open the doors to the first of its Express supermarkets to feature a full-scale low-energy LED lighting deployment, a move the company said will yield a 30 per cent energy saving compared with similar stores.

All external signs at the Loughborough store, as well as lighting on the sales floor and in staff areas, feature energy-efficient LEDs. Meanwhile, the store’s cold rooms, fridges and freezers are also lit by LEDs that the retail giant said are even more efficient in cold temperatures than standard lighting.

The only part of the store not to feature the cutting-edge technology is the bakery oven, where the company found temperatures are too high for LEDs to function.

Emmily Sjölander, environmental programme manager at Tesco, said that if the store proves effective at delivering promised energy savings, the company could deploy LEDs across its 2,700 UK stores and incorporate them into its new-build programme.

“We have recognised that through the use of LED light fittings we can dramatically reduce energy usage, particularly at Express stores due to their smaller size and lower ceiling height,” she said.

“If this delivers the energy savings we have estimated, it is likely that we would replicate this lighting system at other stores.”

Tesco has a target of becoming carbon neutral by 2050 and has opened a string of flagship “Zero Carbon” stores in Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Powys, and Dublin to trial new energy efficient technology since 2009. Its latest Zero Carbon store opened in Cefn Mawr near Wrexham in March.

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