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Green Today, Gold Tomorrow: Investing in Green Technology

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The customer is always right.

And that’s exactly what is driving companies toward energy-efficient, green technologies in their operations. Companies are seeing a consumer-driven effort that insists companies take a great social and environmental responsibility to conserve valuable energy.

The number of companies beginning to invest in green energy, including solar paneling, green building, and others, is the beginning of a fundamentally new way to do, and market, a business.

Though businesses acknowledge the mounting and nerve-wracking cost of green energy, they’ve also acknowledged that this is where consumer-driven business is headed. The people want a greener economy no matter the immediate cost.



Diamond Wipes International is one of the companies that gets it, and despite expecting a slow financial return on their $1.6 million investment, they know that it’s good business. The investment garnered the respect of their consumers, corporate customers, and proved to be a valuable public relations element.

Diamond Wipes International has also made sure to spread this kind of business with their manufacturers, distributors, and packaging companies. Part of the Diamond Wipes International objective is to be green as possible, including within the business-to-business portion of their product.

This case is a prime example of the power of consumer demand and the rate at which consumers are becoming more conscious of the availability of green technologies. This is no short-term circumstance that will flutter by the wayside. People are demanding these kinds of practices from all companies.

The challenge arises when companies aren’t sure if they can afford to engage in this upcoming business strategy. What then?

Though these companies face this rather perplexing question, it’s one they have to figure out and strategize. The green initiative is no fad, in fact, it has fundamentally changed the way businesses should proceed in operations and customer satisfaction.

As this is becoming standard practice in the business world, companies reliant on consumer satisfaction should find ways to proceed before being left in the dust.

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