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Friday, 03 August 2012 02:55
FFITS supports Australian National Telework Week 2012

Do you work from a home office or remotely? If so, you telework. Even if it’s only one day a month, you’re a part of the workforce of the future.

The Foundation for IT Sustainability (FFITS.ORG) is proud to support and endorse the Australian Government’s Telework Partners Program, managed by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy; and is a proud founding partner of the National Telework Week.

National Telework Week 2012. Image Source: http://www.telework.gov.au


How is FFITS.ORG supporting National Telework Week?

In line with the Foundation’s ongoing sustainable IT awareness-raising initiatives around the world, FFITS.ORG is keen to get behind the National Telework Week.

In support of this sustainability initiative, each day of the campaign week, FFITS.ORG will commit to National Telework Week by releasing a range of telework related materials including:

  • Generating literature on –
  • the benefits of implementing sustainable IT policies and procedures in the workplace; and
  • the economic, social and environmental benefits of adopting telework within the workplace; with case studies and sample policies.
  • Providing discounted access to the FFITS.ORG Business Certification Labels and the Fundamentals of IT Sustainability online training course for Telework Partner organisations.


So be sure to check to bookmark this page and check back daily throughout National telework Week to get the latest news, tips and information regarding the benefits of telework.

Read our Press Release showcasing our support for National Telework.