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Calculate Your Computer Carbon Emissions

Enter the number of computers and monitors to calculate your carbon emissions.  To configure elements such as cost of electricity, select Advanced.

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Myths of Power Management

Climate Savers Computing has come up with a great guide dispelling the Top 7 myths of power management:

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Activate power management on Windows 7

By default Windows 7 is configured with fairly strict power management settings that comply with the latest Energy Star standards.  However if you wish to make even more cost and power savings, you can implement a simple setting:

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Activate power management in Windows 2000

To view power management settings in Windows 2000, click on Start, Run and then Control Panel. In Control Panel double click Power Options. Here you can set timeouts for your monitor, system standby, and hibernate.

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Activate power management in Windows Vista

To configure power management on Windows Vista click on Start, Run and then Control Panel. Control Panel has two views. If you are in Theme View double click on “System and Maintenance”…

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Activate power management in Windows XP

To configure power management on Windows XP click on Start and then Control Panel. Control Panel has two views. If you are in Theme View double click on “Performance and Maintenance” and if you are in classic view please scroll down to the classic view window.

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Activate power management on a Mac

Follow the instructions below for Mac OS X Version 10.4, nicknamed “Tiger”. Steps for activating sleep settings in other versions of OS X will be very similar.

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The FFITS.ORG Certification Label is the computer industry's guide to help business, government and individuals quickly and easily identify organisations that are doing their part to reduce their power consumption and in turn reducing their CO2 emissions...

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The core purpose of our organisation is to educate the individuals, government and corporations on what they can do to implement more environmentally sustainable information technology. We aim to help organisations globally to change their practices, policies ...

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FFITS.ORG is a global, non-profit organisation. The organisation's mission is to promote the sustainable use of technology through Educating individuals, corporations and government; Promoting and encouraging the implementation of Green IT best practices; and Certifying the...

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We organize a variety of events to help people learn about and get involved with ACT. From talks to charity drives to community service, this is where you can find out what’s going on, and sign up!

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“A few years ago, I started looking for worthwhile volunteer opportunities. I began volunteering at the downtown location in September of 2009 and the rest is history. I have met so many wonderful people and have made new friendships with other volunteers.”


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